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Unique United States Program

Easiest way to legally move to the U.S
The DV program explained.
Each year, the program allows 50,000 randomly selected people to obtain permanent residency . It’s a way for people around the globe who otherwise wouldn’t have any way or chance to legally immigrate to the United States, to get an immigrant lawful status.
Who Is eligible for the Diversity Visa?
  • To enter the Diversity Visa you must be a native of a qualifying country
  • Education or Work experience that qualifies for the American DV Program
Benefits of being a legal immigrant in America

What do you get with a green card?
  • Right to Live & Work in US
  • Extend your Green Card indefinitely
  • Allows you to bring your family along
  • Free Education for children
  • Pathway to US citizenship (after 5 years)
  • Social benefits: retirement benefits, basic health care
  • The freedom to live anywhere
  • The world's best healthcare (work paid), basic health care
  • The freedom to start your own business
  • Top level lifestyle
Clients Testimony

Jagdish Gosh
With my basic electrician experience here and desire to work in the US I didn’t think there was a way to do this. But UGO’s diversity visa package got me started. Their material is clear, useful and quick to get started. Just Go for It.
Aisha Abbas
Reading about the US Diversity Visa was complicated. There are too many blogs, and social media opinions. They are confusing and demoralizing. Getting the UGO free introduction and paid package was the best investment in my life. I am heading to the US after dreaming for five years.
Svetlana Kovalenko
I dreamed of living in the USA for years. I even heard of the diversity visa program from friends in Russia. But I didn't have the drive or confidence.
When you are applying for a diversity visa with UGO you are not alone. The actual process is simple, but knowing what works and what can get you out is important. They really know!