question What is the United States Diversity Visa Green Card Program?

It is a program by which the American government randomly selects 50,000 Green Card Visa applications to be eligible for entry into the country.

question Is it a difficult process to enter the lottery program?

No. There are only three steps to filing out the entry form. From start to finish, the application can be filled out in 10 minutes.

question What are the minimum requirements if I want to participate in the lottery?

First, you must be a legal resident of one of the countries on the list of eligiblecountries. Additionally, you must meet theminimum education or work requirements. For example, you must have at least a high-school education (or equivalent) or have at least two years of work experience in a field that requires at least two years of training or experience.

question What qualifies as an equivalent to high school education?

Any formal course of education and secondary education in your country of residence that is comparable to the standard 12 year high school education in the United States. You will be asked to provide proof in form of documentation of your education during your visa interview.

* Please note that the required documents must be original (not a copy of them), signed by the relevant authority from your education institution (principle for example) and if they are not in English- they must be translated by a certified notary official.

question Can I still participate in the lottery if I do not meet one or more of these minimum requirements?

No. As these are minimum requirements, they are mandatory and must be met by all applicants in order to be eligible for the program.

question Can both my spouse and I apply for the Green Card program?

Yes. You can increase your chances of being chosen by having both your spouse and you sending in separate applications. Note that each person may submit only one application.

question Can I still apply if I don’t reside in my country of birth?

Yes. This will not disqualify you.

question Can I still apply for the program if I do not live in a qualifying/ eligible country?

It depends. If your spouse or parents were born in a qualifying/ eligible country, you can still apply by claiming the nativity of their country of birth. Note that you will not be issued a DV-1 in this case unless your spouse is also eligible and is issued a DV-2. You must also both enter the United States together at the same time. If you are claiming the nativity of your parents, they must not have reside in an ineligible country at the time of your birth, regardless of where they themselves were born. If you are going to claim alternate charge ability (that is, the nativity of your parents or spouse) you will have to provide information to that effect on your registration application.

question Can I submit my application from inside the United States?

Yes. You can submit the application either in the United States (in case you are physically there at that time) or in your country of origin by going to your local U.S embassy.

question Is there anything I can do in order to increase my chances of winning the lottery?

Other than having your spouse also submit an application, no. All applicants to the program are on equal footing. The selection of the winners is completely random.

question How will I know if I win?

Winners are informed by our immigration agents via your preferred contact method which you are requested to indicate in your application forms. It can be via regular postal mail, email or phone. Please make sure that your address is accurate when you apply. If you are not selected, no notification will be sent to that effect.

question What if I make a mistake or miss something on my application?

Our immigrant agents will not allow it to happen. We will review your application thoroughly and ensure it is filled out completely and accurately before it is submitted.

question I know that I must list certain family members on my application form. Can you tell me which members specifically?

You must list your spouse and all of your unmarried children who are under the age 21 even if they do not reside with you. You must list all of your children, whether you are their biological parent, their adoptive parent or whether they are the children of your spouse from a previous marriage. Exceptions to this are children who are already legal residents of the United States. If you are legally divorced from your spouse, you do not need to list them, however, if you are separated only, you do need to list them.

question If I list family members on my application, does that mean that they must travel with me if I win the lottery?

No. Even if you for example have listed your spouse on your application, he or she may opt later to stay behind and not enter the United States with you. It is important to note that if you list dependent children or a spouse on your visa application whom you did not list on your original entry application, you will be disqualified. This does not apply to dependents acquired after the application was made, such as a new spouse or a new baby.

question If I list my spouse on my application, can she still submit her own application?

Yes, as long as she also lists all dependents in your family.

question What is the minimum age for participation in the program?

There is no minimum age, but you must have completed the work/education requirements mentioned above. Due to that, applicants are typically at least 18 at the time of application.

question What should my spouse and children do if I win?

They may apply for a visa along with you.

question I’m already registered for an immigrant visa in another category. Can I still apply for the Green Card Program?

Yes, you are still eligible.