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We,, Are A Private Entity

We are a business company which is private and non-governmental who is committed to guide and assist all the non-American natives for the registration of US Diversity Visa or Green Card Program. The only interaction with the U.S. government takes place while we submit your complete documents and forms to the State Department for processing in the final stage.

Why Our Clients Choose Us?

We, as a team, are dedicated to our work and we guide our clients at every point to ensure that their application is completed and submitted accurately on time without any delay. The submission period for the DV Green card lottery is usually between thirty to sixty days in the months of September or November but we offer our clients to complete and submit all the necessary information and fill out the registration and application forms for Diversity Visa throughout the year.

We go over the documents and application forms of our clients to double check all the information in order to verify that everything is accurate and in order. Also, we ensure the timely submission of your applications. The official submission period of the Diversity Visa program is ninety days but we allow our clients to complete all the required forms and submit documents throughout the year.

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