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Born from a qualifying country

It is required that each applicant be native/born of one of the qualifying countries to fulfill the eligibility criteria of applying for an immigration visa to the U.S. Here, a qualifying country is basically a country that is included in the list of eligible countries for this program per year. Also, keep in mind that if the applicant is not from one of the qualifying countries but his/her spouse was born in one of the qualifying countries then the applicant will be able to claim the country of his/her spouse under the condition that the visas will be issued to both the applicants and they will have the option to live and reside in the United States. Moreover, if the applicant is not born in a qualifying country but his/her parents are, the applicant, in this case, may claim the right to enter by the nativity of the country of origin of his/her parents.

Here is the list for eligible countries.
Here is the list for non–eligible countries


Education and Training

An applicant must meet either the education or training requirements; meaning, an applicant must have EITHER a completed high school education OR an equivalent to a high school diploma which is accepted in the United States, OR two years of work experience consecutively within the past five years. The U.S. Department of Labor’s O*Net OnLine database will be used to determine the occupations that require at least two years of training or experience to perform.