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Why Use an Immigration Consultant?

Think of your immigration consultant as a useful tool, or support system, for facilitating your entire immigration process. Consult with your agent on the most suited immigration visa for you and how you can obtain it.

The US immigration process is complicated, confusing and full of surprises. There are also requirements which most people do not meet. Actually, very few people can apply without help from an experienced advisor or lawyer. Even if you spend thousands of dollars the process is still slow and you need to work with experts, get documents and understand the steps in small details

A legal immigrant in the USA has the following rights

Green cards: what do you get

Clients Testimony

Daniel Brown

With my basic carpentry experience here and desire to work in the US I didn’t think there was a way to do this. But IMMINET’s diversity visa package got me started. Their material is clear, useful and quick to get started. Just Go for It.

Ibrahim Al-Salman

Reading about the US Diversity Visa was complicated. There are too many opinions and social media pages. I was confused even with good English skills. Getting the free introduction and paid package was a good way to start.

Li Wei

I dreamed of living in America for years. Lots of Indians and Chinese go to America. The diversity visa program came from friends in my school. But I didn’t know how to start. When you are applying for a diversity visa it takes energy and confidence. The actual process is simple, they explain it in half an hour.